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Why The Written Word Matters To You

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When it comes to your brand or business, there is more to consider than just the product, service or information that you share.

There is the voice. The written word.

When customers or potential clients locate your brand, the website, the images and the wording all form together in order to generate an opinion, within seconds of clicking onto your page.

The words use, the voice you portray, are the difference between a client exploring your brand further or pressing the little x in the corner and moving onto one of your competitor.

Optimise Your Search Ranking

When your potential customers are scouring the internet looking for products or services, they will enviably use search engines.

When you carry out searches, how often do you sit and scroll page after page? More often than not, people don’t make it past the first page of search results. This means you need to rank highly in order to be found. This is where words are crucial.

With some consideration and strategy the perfect combination of words and phrase, directly relating to your business, can be used to ensure your site is ranking higher and becoming more accessible to the masses.

In reality, unless your site and business is being found, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product out there. The key to any and all businesses success is attracting customers to your site and converting sales.

Makes Your Business Memorable

How many competitors do you have? When it comes to your business or niche it isn't just your products, service or knowledge that will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest. The words used and the tone, voice and authority you demonstrate are the difference between you and everyone else.

When you meet someone the 'vibe' they give off is what either draws you in and sends you running. When it comes to your website the content written and shared it is the exact same. A customer needs to connect to you and your business in order to explore your site more and even go ahead and place orders.

Increases Sales

The words on your site are the greatest tool you have. They can evoke emotions, it can demonstrate how your product or service can solve their pain points and it is your biggest tool to build their trust.

Eye-catching headings, creative and memorable content and clear descriptions are the difference between your target client buying from you, or you competitor.

Your site needs to be 'readable'. You need to ensure that is specified to your target audience, that the language you are using evokes the right response. That no matter the background of the individual you are able to appeal to a wide demographic in your niche.

How Is This Possible?

There are many tips and tricks that can optimise your site. You always have the option of using a professional copywriter who can use their expert knowledge to format your text, maintain syntax and keep a consistent voice throughout.

Alternatively, you may choose to make amendments yourself. When sharing text on any site it is important to consider the visual aesthetics. Using a clear font can ensure that your content is easily readable. Make the content relatable to your client. Talk about them and how you can help them and get them thinking about why they need your product.