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The Importance Of The Written Word

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The written word carries a vast importance and has shaped the world we all live in.

It has saved lives, articulated important messages, preserved memories and taught lessons and so much more.

Think about all that history has taught. This information would not have been passed through generations and shared through the world without the ability to put pen to paper. Without the written word, information, history and the core of the message would get lost in translation. By writing this down, you are able to preserve a moment.

Along with being an integral tool in creating the world as we know it. The written word carry value in other aspects:

It Connects Humanity

You could argue that the written word has heavily influenced how we as humans have been able to connect with one and other.

By taking the pen and applying it to paper, you have been able to capture thoughts, feelings, ideas, document your life's story and record your memories. These words then travel through time, space and history. Reading the words written from some one in the past or from a distant land, allows you to be transported into their mindset and perceive their life through their eyes and connect with them in a way that cannot be replicated.


Once written down, those words can be seen and interpreted by others. That is why the choice of word you use is so important when it comes to communicating yourself. The message you are carrying can be exactly the same, however, with the use of different words the whole feel of a sentence, article or post can vary greatly.

It can set the tone, it can engage, it can create an emotional response. The tone you set, allows the reader to build trust (or lack of) and engage with your content even more.

It Can Entertain

A film doesn't start out as a visual image, it starts as a script. A book is more than just words on a page. A blogger isn't just documenting.

These are all examples of how words on a page can become more than just that.

A script is the written instruction and wording that needs to be adapted to meet the big screen, a book is a collection of words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters all linking cohesively together to create a concept or story that your imagine allows you to live. A blogger isn't just writing their life, they are engaging and sharing experiences to build a community and trust with their peers.

Words are so much more than a combination of letters on a page. They have and will continue to shape every aspect of our lives. From advertising, entertaining, educations and communication.