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Being a writer yourself does not mean that you don't need an editor and that they can't add and bring value to the content that you have already constructed. 

The job of editing is to take that content and really make it sparkle and shine. 

Here is what I will be able to add by editing your content:

See The Bigger Picture

As an editor, my job is to see and understand the brief and to look at the bigger picture for any and all pieces. 

I will invest my time and expertise to review and read over the text, as many times as may be required, to ensure that the brief has been fulfilled, it reads with the correct tone, it is the right length, is it cleared laid out and can easily and clearly be navigated through and finally and extremely importantly that it is optimised for maximum search results. 

 Looking At The Smaller Details

Now that we know that there are no significant or critical issues with the content, the next job is to go through the words with a fine-tooth comb. 

These include, but aren't exclusive to:

  • Ensuring there are no inconsistencies in the writing style or tone. 

  • Checking the layout and text meets the brief. 

  • Checking any facts. 

  • Noticing any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation issues. 

  • Cutting out unnecessary words or 'padding'. 

Editing: Text
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