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Notebook and Pen

Kim Morris Content and Copywriting Services

Smart Ideas. Genius Writing

Your content is the best reflection of your brand and business. It gives you a voice and can showcase your features in the best way.

Do you need someone...

  • Make your content stand out from the crowd? 

  • Engage and resonate with your readers

  • Increase your search engine optimisation (SEO)

With a degree in English and experience, I am a  copywriter, proofreader, and all-around wordsmith.

Recognised within Fiverr as a rising talent, I can take your ideas, concepts, products and make them sparkle on the page.

I am a 31-year-old copywriter. Degree educated in English. I specialise in writing blogs, website content, product descriptions, proofreading and editing content. I am open to any gig relating to writing, editing or the written word. So let’s work together. 

I can create entirely new content and copy or tweak your existing words, to ensure you are reaching all corners of your niche. 

Service available: 

  • Copywriting

  • Ghost Writing

  • Proof Reading

  • Blog Posts

Please take the time and have a look at my writing portfolio to see how the written word can be used to elevate your brand from your competitors.

Portfolio of Work

Blog, Website’s, Content

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